The Picture of Dorian Gray

By Oscar Wilde
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The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde, appearing as the lead story in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine on 20 June 1890, printed as the July 1890 issue of this magazine. Oscar Wilde later revised this edition, making several alterations, and adding new chapters; the amended version was published in April 1891. The title is often translated The Portrait of Dorian Gray.
The novel The Picture of Dorian Gray tells of a young man named Dorian Gray, the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward. Basil is impressed by Dorian Gray's beauty and becomes infatuated with him, believing his beauty is responsible for a new mode in his art...

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde: Dorian Gray, a young man of wealth and stature in late 1800's London, meets Lord Henry Wotton while posing for a portrait by his friend Basil Hallward. Once the painting is complete, Dorian Gray realizes that it will always be young and attractive, while he will be forced to age and wither with the years. Carelessly, he wishes the opposite were true. What happens is a treatise on morals, self-indulgence and how crucial personal responsibility is towards one's self.
The Picture of Dorian Gray began as a short novel submitted to Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. In 1889, J.M. Stoddart, a proprietor for Lippincott, was in London to solicit short novels for the magazine...

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Oscar Wilde submitted the first version of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was published on 20 June 1890 in the July edition of Lippincott's. There was a delay in getting Oscar Wilde's work to press while numerous changes were made to the novel (several manuscripts of which survive). Some of these changes were made at Oscar Wilde's instigation, and some at Stoddart's. Oscar Wilde removed all references to the fictitious book "Le Secret de Raoul", and to its fictitious author, Catulle Sarrazin. The book and its author are still referred to in the published versions of the novel, but are unnamed ... (Summary from Wikipedia)

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