Sons and Lovers

By D. H. Lawrence
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Sons and Lovers is a 1913 novel by the English writer D. H. Lawrence.
Sons and Lovers is the third published novel of D. H. Lawrence, taken by many to be his earliest masterpiece. Sons and Lovers tells the story of Paul Morel, a young man and budding artist.
D. H. Lawrence began working on the novel Sons and Lovers in the period of his mother's illness, and often expresses this sense of his mother's wasted life through his female protagonist Gertrude Morel. Letters written around the time of its development clearly demonstrate the admiration D. H. Lawrence felt for his mother - viewing her as a 'clever, ironical, delicately moulded woman' - and her apparently unfortunate marriage to his coal mining father, a man of 'sanguine temperament' and instability. D. H. Lawrence believed that his mother had married below her class status...

Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence: The refined daughter of a "good old burgher family," Gertrude Coppard meets a rough-hewn miner at a Christmas dance and falls into a whirlwind romance. But soon after her marriage to Walter Morel, she realizes the difficulties of living off his meagre salary in a rented house. The couple fight and drift apart and Walter retreats to the pub after work each day. Gradually, Mrs. Morel's affections shift to her sons beginning with the oldest, William.
As a boy, William is so attached to his mother that he doesn't enjoy the fair without her.

As he grows older, he defends her against his father's occasional violence. Eventually, he leaves their Nottinghamshire home for a job in London, where he begins to rise up into the middle class. He is engaged, but he detests the girl's superficiality. He dies and Mrs. Morel is heartbroken, but when Paul catches pneumonia she rediscovers her love for her second son... (Summary by Wikipedia)

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