The Woman In Black

By Susan Hill

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The Woman In Black is a 1983 horror fiction novel by Susan Hill about a menacing spectre that haunts a small English town, foreshadowing the death of children. In 2012, a film adaptation of the same name was released, starring Daniel Radcliffe.
The story The Woman In Black centres on a young solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who is summoned to Crythin Gifford, a small market town on the east coast of the United Kingdom to attend to the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, an elderly and reclusive widow who lived alone in the desolate and secluded Eel Marsh House. The house is situated on Nine Lives Causeway, and at high tide is completely cut off from the mainland with only the surrounding marshes and sea frets for company. Arthur Kipps soon realises there is more to Alice Drablow than he originally thought...

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The Woman In Black by Susan Hill: At the funeral he spots a woman dressed in black and with a pale, wasted face, who is watched in silence by a group of children. Over the course of several days, while sorting through Mrs Drablow's papers at Eel Marsh House, he endures an increasingly terrifying sequence of unexplained noises, chilling events and hauntings by The Woman In Black. The hauntings included the sound of a horse and cart in difficulty which were closely followed by the screams of a young child and his maid...

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Most of the people in Crythin Gifford are extremely reluctant to reveal information about Mrs. Drablow and the mysterious Woman in Black, and most attempts to find out the truth cause pained and fearful reactions. From various sources, Kipps learns that Mrs. Drablow's sister, Jennet Humfrye, gave birth to a child, but, because she was not married when she became pregnant, she was forced to give the child to her sister. Mrs. Drablow and her husband adopted the boy, called Nathaniel, insisting that he should never know that Jennet was his mother... (Summary by Wikipedia)

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