Thus Spoke Zarathustra

By Friedrich Nietzsche
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra (German: Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen) is a philosophical novel by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, composed in four parts between 1883 and 1885. Much of Thus Spoke Zarathustra deals with ideas such as the "eternal recurrence of the same", the parable on the "death of God", and the "prophecy" of the Übermensch, which were first introduced in The Gay Science.
Described by Friedrich Nietzsche himself as "the deepest ever written," the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a dense and esoteric treatise on philosophy and morality, featuring as protagonist a fictionalized prophet descending from his mountain retreat to mankind, Zarathustra. A central irony of the text Thus Spoke Zarathustra is that Friedrich Nietzsche mimics the style of the Bible in order to present ideas which fundamentally oppose Christian and Jewish morality and tradition....

Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche: The book Thus Spoke Zarathustra chronicles the fictitious travels and pedagogy of Zarathustra. The name of the character Zarathustra is taken from the ancient prophet usually known in English as Zoroaster (Avestan: Zaraθuštra), the Persian founder of Zoroastrianism. Friedrich Nietzsche is clearly portraying a "new" or "different" Zarathustra, one who turns traditional morality on its head.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra was conceived while Friedrich Nietzsche was writing The Gay Science; he made a small note, reading "6,000 feet beyond man and time," as evidence of this. More specifically, this note related to the concept of the eternal recurrence, which is, by Friedrich Nietzsche's admission, the central idea of Zarathustra; this idea occurred to him by a "pyramidal block of stone" on the shores of Lake Silvaplana in the Upper Engadine, a high alpine region whose valley floor is at 6,000 ft. Friedrich Nietzsche planned to write the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra in three parts over several years. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the ideas for Zarathustra first came to him while walking on two roads surrounding Rapallo... (Summary from Wikipedia)

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